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Really Fit Housewife Kristen Taekman Pairs Up With Jay Cardiello For ?body Back By Jcore? | Radar Online

Today The DVD, which incorporates cardio and strength-training exercises, only asks for 20 minutes a day, and 44 feet of space to work with, making for the ultimate routine of convenience. Twenty minutes is a great number where people can make something feasible and continue a commitment, Cardiello said. Also, too, we didnt want to turn your house into a gym . We didnt want to have a deterrence where people could say, I cant do this. I dont have this equipment. PHOTOS: The Best Abs In Hollywood Kristen and I wanted to be able to allow see here women to take what they naturally have and use it to the best of max workout their abilities. We always say we want to change your life without changing your lifestyle. The model Taekman said she worked closely with Cardiello to develop the perfect workout targeting the areas women look to improve . A lot of the exercises have to do with typical mommy moves, the Real Housewives star said. When youre picking up your baby off the floor or out of the crib, it helps to strengthen the muscles in your legs and in your back. That definitely came into it.
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